Switch Luscious Curlers

Switch Luscious Curlers

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Luscious Curlers  by Switch Product

Create curls, waves or volume as easy as 1 – 2 – 3

Use on wet or dry hair

Use with heat and without heat

Create beach waves and spiral curls in minutes

Professionals can use them to perm hair in sexy beach waves!

Luscious Curlers come in two colors, pink and orange - one curls the hair clockwise, and the other anticlockwise for a natural finished result

Step 1: Prepare your tools, select a section of hair and apply a curl setting lotion such as Luscious Curls by Woody Michleb

Step 2: Fish the hook through the roller, place the hook on the base of the section of the hair and pull the hair quickly through the roller

Step 3:  Continue step 1&2 for the rest of the head, alternate colors to give a softer effect. Leave to set as needed.


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